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Saving Money on Buying Her Shoes

When my daughter came home from school one day and kept talking about the Nike light up shoes that one of her friends had worn to classes that day, I had a feeling that I would end up getting her a pair of them too. She usually does not get that excited about something like shoes, so it actually made me happy that she did get this way. I went online to try and find the ones that her friend had, but my daughter told me that the ones I found are even better.

When I asked her how they are better since they both light up, she explained that these ones were better because they have more than one color. She knew that her friend loved her solid light shoes, but my daughter has always been a multi color girl. She has so many favorite colors that I had a feeling that these light up shoes for kids would be perfect for her. They are black and have all kinds of different colors for the lights. The ones we could see are yellow, blue, green, pink, white, and purple.

They had all kinds of sizes, so kids from as young as a toddler’s age to kids my own girl’s age could get a pair. What surprised me the most about all this though were the prices. I was expecting them to be really high in price mainly because they are a very popular name brand shoe. The regular price was already low, and there was nearly a quarter off the regular price as a discount. That meant that we were able to order her two pairs of shoes for a lower price than what we would have paid for a pair of non light up shoes at the local department store.

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